PHOENIX has two gyms, PHOENIX Stadium near Kanda Station on the JR Chuo, Yamanote, and Keihin Tohoku Lines and PHOENIX Studio near Akihabara Station on the JR Yamanote, Sobu, and Keihin Tohoku lines.

Both PHOENIX gyms can be reached from the station on foot, so after you sign up, you can check the class schedule and use the gym at the time that is most convenient for you.

About PHOENIX Kickboxing

What is kickboxing?

Kickboxing has roots in the Thai martial art Muay Thai. It involves fighting with punches, kicks, and the use of the elbows and knees, and is now a widespread sport popular around the world. In Japan, kickboxing became well-known due to the creation of K-1 and its famous fighters. Currently, kickboxing is a popular method of physical fitness that is enjoyed by men and women of all ages.

What are the effects of kickboxing?

Kickboxing is the cardio workout using the whole body. Therefore, depending on body weight, calories burned can range from 525–840 per hour. Kickboxing is a terrific way to burn fat with an effect much higher than other sports.

Comparison of calories burned per hour (body weight of 50–80kg)

Kickboxing 525–840kcal/h
Boxing 400–750kcal/h
Swimming 400–750kcal/h
Running 350–700kcal/h

Kickboxing allows you to tighten your arms and back through punches, and shape your legs through kicks. Also, in kickboxing, movements twisting the lower back and hips are used, which can help to tone your stomach and hips. The movement in the pelvic area stimulates the digestive system and metabolism. A healthy body is not only made through a proper diet but also by incorporating exercise into your life.

What kind of gym is PHOENIX?

Experienced instructors are there to give advice on diet and exercise and support you in achieving your fitness goals. Also, many of our members want to be stronger and are interested in participating in amateur matches for their chosen sport.

Since both the studio and the stadium have practice spaces with a three-layered cushion floor, the burden on the knees and waist is lessened and training can be done while preventing injuries.

In addition, LED lighting fixtures are used throughout the facility.

We also have installed an air purifier, the Blue Air 650E for a cleaner and more comfortable environment.

Changing rooms and shower rooms are separately provided for men and women, giving female members a fulfilling environment where they may exercise with peace of mind.


At PHOENIX, you can take advantage of the features of the two gyms (both within a 5-minute walk of the train station) and the two types of training systems—Muay Thai Training and Class Lessons—every day, depending on your mood and physical condition.

1. Authentic Thai practice

  • 本場タイの練習スタイルイメージ1
  • 本場タイの練習スタイルイメージ2
  • 本場タイの練習スタイルイメージ3
Muay Thai Training
Beginner to Advanced Level
Free training of 1 round for 3 minutes (each round is three minutes long.)

Talk with the instructor and create a routine that suits you, including training such as stretching, shadow boxing, heavy bag training, etc. We tailor each practice to your fitness needs and offer flexible scheduling to fit your busy schedule.

Also, our classes are geared so you can learn at your own pace. Our kickboxing classes are a great fit for all skill levels.

PHOENIX invites two exclusive Muay Thai trainers from Thailand who are residents of Tokyo, which means you are able to learn authentic Muay Thai.

During the training, the instructor will perform two rounds of one-on-one mitt practice. (1 round 3 mins, interval training 30 seconds)
Professional fighters who are enrolled and training at PHOENIX include a former world champion, Japan champion, and Japanese rankers who are active in various organizations.

Amateur fighters also participate in more than 50 amateur tournaments every year, and the winning percentage exceeds 65%.

Muay Thai training is the key to improving your strength.

2. Class Lessons

Class Lessons Group lessons are according to every member’s schedule, and are 60-minute classes created by the instructor in charge.

To accommodate the various needs of our members, we have 9 kinds of programs for class lessons. Because people with the same goal can focus on the lesson in the same environment, training can be done efficiently.

In addition, all members of the class are training with the same program, so the instructor can be really hands-on, and you can learn efficiently.

We realize that training is sometimes better with friends. Training in a friendly atmosphere helps you push yourself to the limit.

2-A Fitness Classes

Our fitness classes specialize in creating a healthy and toned body with a mix of kickboxing and yoga.

  • 2-Aフィットネス系クラスイメージ1
  • 2-Aフィットネス系クラスイメージ2
  • 2-Aフィットネス系クラスイメージ3
Detox Yoga Classムービーを見る By doing yoga, all of your body’s muscles are trained, and the strain or posture of the body can be corrected.

Also, if you do yoga daily, it can help your organs to remove toxins from your body. Furthermore, when you are doing yoga, you become conscious of your breathing, allowing you to relax your mind and body. You will be able to relieve fatigue and stress on the weekend and feel refreshed on Monday.

Note: You may borrow a yoga mat for free.

Martial Arts Shape Classムービーを見る Following the music’s rhythm, punching and blocking with your elbows tones your upper body, while with your knees slightly bent, you’re strengthening your lower body, and by twisting the waist, you can help tone the entire body.

By the time you master the movements, you will get a toned and well-shaped body.

Note: Gloves are not necessary. There is no mitt or heavy bag training.

Class flow:
Stretch → Martial Arts Shape

Circuit Shape Classムービーを見る Circuit Shape Class combines functional training and kickboxing moves.

Take advantage of training methods such as TABATA and AMRAP which are popular overseas and can increase the exercises’ effects on those who participate in the class.

The good thing about this program is that you can do it at your own pace.

This class depends on your goals and body condition.

Note: Gloves are not necessary. There is no mitt training.

Class flow:
Description of workout flow, practice → warming up → workout → cool down

2-B Kickboxing Classes

Develop physical strength, skills, and techniques for kickboxing.

  • 2-B キックボクシング系クラスイメージ1
  • 2-B キックボクシング系クラスイメージ2
  • 2-B キックボクシング系クラスイメージ3
Light Muay Thai Class (Intermediate) 1 round 2 mins free training.

Talk with the instructor and create a routine that is suitable for you, including training such as stretching, shadow boxing, heavy bag training, etc.

During the training, the instructor will perform two rounds of one-on-one mitt practice. (1 round 2 mins, interval training 30 seconds)

Because the instructor holds the mitts, you can kick at full power with confidence, and the instructor can give you the right advice based on your performance. It is also a great class for stress relief and learning correct form. No matter your gender or level, you can enjoy this training for fitness.

Note: Basically, it is free training like Muay Thai training. If you do not know what exercise you should do at the beginning, please feel free to ask the instructor.

Class flow:
Stretch → Warming up or jumping rope → Checking the form or shadow boxing → heavy bag → mitt training with the instructor → physical training

Basic Sparring Class (Intermediate)ムービーを見る This class is for those who are not yet used to sparring.

You need to wear sparring gear and spar with a partner.

You will practice offense and defense back and forth with your partner, increasing your defense reaction until you can smoothly combine every part of the practice. While practicing defense, when you get used to the feeling as you hold the mitts and to your partner’s timing, your skills can improve.

Note: Shin guards can be borrowed for free.

Class flow:
Check forms → Wear punching gloves and shin guards → Practice defense with partner → Practice combo training

Kickboxing Application Class (Advanced)ムービーを見る This class helps you learn kickboxing’s practical techniques and gain physical strength for combo training.

As with any technique or combo training, if your basic skills can’t be used accurately, quickly, and strongly, it will not work for actual fighting.

The purpose of this class is to make your moves more accurate, faster, and stronger. You can acquire skills and combinations that can work even in actual fighting.

Note: If you have experience at other gyms, participating in the basic class once you acquire the basic movement at PHOENIX makes it easier to understand the guidance of this class.

Class flow:
Shadow boxing → Heavy bag, mitts, defense, etc., practice exercises with partner → Physical training.

Sparring Application Class (Advanced)ムービーを見る In this class, you can learn defense basics and useful offense techniques for necessary sparring skills.

Wear sparring gear, repeat combos with a partner, and light mass sparring.

Please keep in mind for sparring you should keep calm and notice your opponent’s movements. In shadowboxing, imagine an opponent’s movement and practice moving smoothly for actual sparring and matches.

Note: Gloves for sparring and shin guards can be borrowed for free.

Class flow:
Shadow boxing → Sparring with gloves and shin guards →Combo practice → Practice mass sparring form

Find the Right Class Level According to Your Fitness and Skill

PHOENIX divides kickboxing classes into 3 levels according to the strength and skill of those who participate and to maintain and improve the quality of the lesson. Please refer to the following for the level of each class and its participation standards.

Beginner Level
This class aims to practice the fundamentals of kickboxing starting with basic offense and defense combinations and shadow boxing.

Participation criteria: Anyone can join, including those with no prior kickboxing experience.

  • Basic Kickboxing Class
Intermediate Level
For those who have memorized the basics of kickboxing. This class focuses on free training and practicing forms with a partner so that combinations and defense can be performed more smoothly.

Participation criteria: Those who have participated in the beginner class at least 10 times.

  • Light Muay Thai Class
  • Sparring Basic Class
Advanced Level
For those who can do shadow boxing smoothly, and instruct themselves in mitt practice. This class aims to improve basic physical strength, practical offense techniques, and combinations, and perfect defense techniques when sparring with a partner.

Participation criteria: Those who have participated 20 times or more in Entry, Basic, Light Muay Thai, and Basic Sparring classes.

  • Sparring Application Class
  • Kickboxing Application Class