6/7 Our New Training Room Is Now Open!

As of Thursday, June 7th, a training room has opened next to PHOENIX Stadium! Take advantage of our new facilities. Inside our new training room, you’ll find equipment such as treadmills to help you burn fat and strengthen your muscles.

Those who wish to improve their performance, as well as those who are not satisfied with their usual exercise, please feel free to use the training room.

See more details about the new machines here.

Monthly: Phoenix membership fee + ¥1,080 (unlimited usage each month)
One time only: ¥320

11:30–19:00 Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri
18:00–22:00 Sat

Fighter Masaya Kubo can coach you on how to use the machines and help you improve your training.

*For regular course members there is NO additional fee required.
*The following courses and members who have applied for time off from your membership, additional charges are required:

Former Courses: Standard, Muay Thai Training, Once Per Week, Venus, Afternoon
Current Courses: Classes, Daytime, Holiday, One Day, Fitness

*Please be sure to use appropriate training shoes when using the training room. No bare feet or slippers are allowed.

≫≫≫ Opening Promotion! ≪≪≪

During the opening promotion period (June only), members may use the training room for free. As members, you can use the training room during business hours.

Please take this opportunity to experience PHOENIX’s new facility!