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These videos includes scenes where retired staff are instructing.

Kickboxing Classes

Basic Kickboxing Class

In this class you can learn basic skills and combinations of kickboxing and easy defense techniques. You can also learn a whole range of kickboxing techniques. Click here for details.

Basic Sparring Class

This class is for those who are not yet used to sparring. You need to wear sparring gear and spar with a partner.

You will practice offense and defense back and forth with your partner, increasing your defense reaction until you can smoothly combine every part of the practice. Click here for details.

Kickboxing Application Class

This class helps you learn kickboxing’s practical techniques and gain physical strength for combo training.

As with any technique or combo training, if your basic skills can’t be used accurately, quickly, and strongly, it will not work for actual fighting.

The purpose of this class is to make your moves more accurate, faster, and stronger. You can acquire skills and combinations that can work even in actual fighting. Click here for details.

Boxing Application Class

This class is a practical learning class from basic to advanced level punching techniques. You can also learn footwork and weaving (defense techniques involving movements of the head) that are not used in kickboxing. Click here for details.

Sparring Application Class

In this class, you can learn about the basics of defense, and useful offense techniques for necessary sparring skills.
Wear sparring gear, repeat combos with a partner, and light mass sparring. Click here for details.