Registration, Time Off, Return, Cancellation

What do I need when I join?

1. Membership application form (which you can find in PHOENIX gyms)
2. A seal registered at your bank or postal office
3. Sign-up fee (¥10,800)
4. Monthly fee from 1.5 months to 2 months (depending on the date of application)
5. 2 photos of your face (3 cm in length x 2.4 cm in width)

Please bring all that is listed above when you come to PHOENIX.

Who is eligible to join?

People in good health who are high school age and over. Parental permission is required for those under the age of 18.

We don’t accept membership of professional fighters contracted with other gyms.

Does PHOENIX have a system for time off from the gym?

If you submit your application form by the 15th of the month, your time off will begin on the following month. In such cases, ¥540 (cash only) will be charged as an administrative fee.

During your time off from the gym, ¥540 will be withdrawn from your bank account monthly as a membership and account maintenance fee. In addition, the membership fee during the time of absence will be applied to your monthly fee when returning to the gym.

However, if it is not possible to withdraw the fees due to insufficient balance, etc., during your time off, membership will be automatically cancelled. In addition, the membership fee at that time is applied once again to re-enroll and you will receive a new member number.

How do I re-enroll?

After filling out the re-enrollment application form at PHOENIX, the first month of the return membership fee must be paid in cash.

The membership fee will be withdrawn from your bank account from the second month onwards.

How can I cancel my membership?

After filling out a membership cancellation application form at PHOENIX, stamping it with your seal and submitting it, your membership is cancelled. You may submit it directly or by FAX.

Please submit the form by the 15th of the month. (Membership fee withdrawal will stop starting from the next month).

Practice and Training

What is necessary for practice?

• Comfortable activewear (jerseys, T-shirts, tank tops, shorts, etc.)
• Gloves (not necessary for some classes, such as yoga)
• Towels
• Water bottle or sports drinks (PHOENIX has vending machines available)

We also offer rental services.
• Kickboxing gloves, 200 yen
• T-shirts, 150 yen
• Shorts, 150 yen
• Ankle supporters, 100 yen
• Bandages, 100 yen
• Towels (medium size), 100 yen
• 5-piece set (Kickboxing gloves, T-shirt, shorts, towel (medium size), cotton work gloves), ¥500

Do I need to buy any equipment?

If you do not have kickboxing gloves, purchasing them is recommended.

We sell Windy brand kickboxing gloves.
• M size, ¥4200 (tax included)
• L size, ¥4850 (tax included)

We also rent kickboxing gloves for ¥200.

Can I also get instruction during Muay Thai training?

Instructors are always in the gyms during business hours, so you will able to get advice about practice or mitt training. Basically, it is free training time; some members even practice mass sparring training with friends.

Do I need shoes?

Shoes are not necessary as all classes are done barefoot.

Can I keep my equipment at the gym?

We can store your equipment at the gym for a ¥1,080 / month fee per item. Each item after the first requires an additional ¥540. The fee will be withdrawn from your bank account. Please apply for this service at the gym reception desk.

Can I join without any experience at all?

Don’t worry. At PHOENIX, more than 80% of members doing kickboxing and yoga started with no experience.

Is it okay to join for dieting and exercise purposes?

There is no problem at all, most people come for a little exercise or stress relief.

Which class should I start at first?

For the first time, we recommend the kickboxing entry class and kickboxing basics class or even personal training time.
Except for kickboxing/sparring application classes, there is no problem joining whichever class you want to start.

Can I become a professional fighter?

It is possible to become a professional depending on practice. Try hard and practice often.

How do I practice Muay Thai?

Basically, it is self-practice, a rough flow will be similar to the following: stretching → jump rope → shadow boxing → heavy bag → mitts

Please see below for the number of rounds when practicing with mitts.

General Member 3 mins × 2 rounds
Amateur Fighter 3 mins × 3 rounds
(1 or more wins in B class; available one month before a match)
Professional Fighter 3 mins × 5 rounds
What happens if I get injured during practice?

PHOENIX does not take responsibility for any injuries on our premises. We recommend that you obtain sports insurance. If you are injured after getting insurance, please contact the PHOENIX head office promptly and receive an accident notification card.

Free Trials and Observation

What do I need for a free trial?

Please bring three things:
• Comfortable activewear (T-shirts, jerseys, shorts, sweats etc.)
• Body towel
• Cotton work gloves

Because cotton work gloves are not necessary for all classes, please confirm at the time of reservation.

Which classes can I book as a free trial class?

We accept free trials for the following classes:
• Kickboxing Entry Class
• Kickboxing Basics Class
• Strength & Shape Class
• Thai Kick Rhythm Class
• Weekend Yoga Class
• Circuit Rhythm Shape Class
• Beat Kick Class

Do I need to reserve a free trial class?

Please make a reservation in advance. See details on the free trial page here.

Is there a reservation system for observation?

You don’t need to make a reservation to observe. Please feel free to stop by.


What day does the week start for weekly members?

It starts on Monday and ends on Sunday.

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Can I re-enter the gym when I use tickets?

Tickets can be used once in one gym, but please be aware that you cannot re-enter.

Can I get a professional kickboxing license?

Kickboxing does not have a professional license like boxing does.

PHOENIX is an independent gym that does not subscribe to organizations that are issuing professional licenses. Although certain organizations may freely decide the criteria by themselves and issue their own professional licenses, we do not issue them.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us by phone or e-mail.