PHOENIX Training Room

PHOENIX Training Room

As of June 7th, a training room has been opened next to PHOENIX Stadium!

The lineup of equipment is made up of the best machines for burning fat and building muscle, including treadmills. If you want to improve your performance, or you’re not satisfied with your current workout, feel free to use them.


Weekdays: 11:30–22:00
Saturdays: 14:00–22:00
Sundays and Holidays: 14:00–19:00

Note: Staff will be present on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday 11:30–19:00 and Saturday 18:00–22:00.


Monthly Fees

Regular Members No additional fee
Current Course Members
(Classes, Daytime, Holiday, One Day, Fitness)
Old Course Members
(General, Muay Thai, Weekly, Venus, Afternoon)
Non-members and Former Members
(Training Room Use Only)
(For men and women)

Visitor Fees

Members and Ticket Members ¥320
Non-members and Former Members ¥1,080 *

*However, non-members who have paid the \3,240 visitor fee and former members who have paid the ¥2,160 visitor fee for kickboxing facilities can use the training room for ¥320.


Star Trac Series Treadmill TRC
Improve your cardiorespiratory function and muscle strength safely. Rather than running on the hard ground, the treadmill can minimize the burden on your joints such as the knees and hips.


  • Speed: 0.8–20km (adjustable 0.1km at a time)
  • Incline: 0–15% (adjustable 0.5% at a time)
  • Ventilator
  • Contact heartrate grip
  • 12 types of workout settings
Cross Trainer
Cybex Arc Trainer 626AT
An aerobic exercise machine with few risks (such as falling). There is little burden on joints because you use the machine by gripping with both hands and moving back and forth.
This machine helps with effective fat burning exercises such as running, walking, and climbing stairs.


  • Load: 0–100
  • Angle: 0–20
  • 9 types of workout settings
Stair Climber
Life Fitness Integrity Series Stair Climber CLSS
An aerobic exercise machine which allows you to train your lower body with little burden on the knee joints.


  • Settings available for levels 1–20
  • Target calorie, time, heart rate target, and zone maintenance time can be set
  • 3 types of workout settings
Power Rack
TuffStuff Power Rack CPR-265
With a pin to adjust the height, you can move the bar according to your height and the training you want to do. The machine has a wide variety of barbells for free-weight training that helps you train safely and effectively. A safety bar is installed in case of fatigue during use.


  • Total plate weight: 3 barbells (20kg, 15kg,10kg)
  • Adjustable barbell height
  • Safety bar
  • Pull-up bar
Smith Machine
TuffStuff Basic Smith Half Cage CSM-600
An effective machine if you want to train a specific target muscle in the torso, this machine also works well for beginners as it does not take much time to learn how to use it.


  • Total plate weight 275kg, 3 barbells (20kg, 15kg, 10kg)
  • Hooks for fixing the barbell are provided at intervals of about 10cm
  • Safety bar

Please Note

  • Please wear appropriate training shoes when using the training room (no slippers or bare feet). Additionally, please use the sandals provided when going from the stadium to the training room.
  • When staff members are not present, please have a spotter with you when using the Power Rack and Smith Machine.
  • Be sure to use the safety bar.