Customer Testimonials

Thoughts from PHOENIX members who filled out our questionnaire

Easy to

PHOENIX is close to work!
T.F., 46 years old, Male
It is very convenient because PHOENIX is nearby, so I would like to come if I have free time.
M.T., 39 years old, Male
The gym is close to my house and has a good atmosphere. I started exercising there after not working out for a while and I enjoy it.
H.K., 35 years old, Male
I have fun training in such a great environment.
Y.N., 25 years old, Male
I was interested in martial arts, and knowing a gym that offers Muay Thai, which is the sport with the strongest standing throw technique, was close to my work, I was glad I could easily access it.
M.T., 32 years old, Female
It’s great that there are classes on Saturday evening.
S.M., 38 years old, Female
It is good that PHOENIX is open Sunday.
M.M., 26 years old, Male

How Did You Find Out About PHOENIX?


There are many people using the internet and asking friends/acquaintances when looking for a gym, but at PHOENIX we have active, well-known fighters as trainers. When you read the fighter’s blogs, they have written “If you go to PHOENIX you can meet me, and I will coach you!” You definitely will want to try it.

In addition, most people said PHOENIX is “easy to access” and “close to work.” It is very important that as long as you feel it is easy to access, you can always see the gym and help stay on track.

The atmosphere
is good!

It was easy to join because of the atmosphere, even though I hadn’t exercised in so long.
T.N., 28 years old, Male
The instructors coach in a way that’s easy for beginners to understand.
T.N., 23 years old, Male
The instructors are kind and it’s easy to practice.
D.M., 23 years, Male
I am grateful that trainers are kind enough to give guidance to a beginner like me.
H.H., 34 years old, Male
I always look forward to coming to the gym.
S.M., 24 years old, Female
The training is not severe (I mean they don’t push you too hard). It is a fun gym which I appreciate.
Y.K., 27 years old, Male
It’s easy to learn, and it’s good that many people want to come every day.
D.U., 30 years old, Male
I do not quite know about other gyms, but I think that I chose the right gym which has a great atmosphere.
T.Y., 30 years old, Male
It’s like working out at home.
J.H., 28 years old, Male
I appreciate that PHOENIX has such an easy access atmosphere.
H.K., 30 years old, Male
I like everything about it.
J.P., 26 years old, Male
The nice atmosphere and kind coaching (friendly even for beginners who don’t do so well) helps me have a lot of fun.
R.K., 34 years old, Female
It relieves stress. I can relax and heal.
F.T., 31 years old, Female
The atmosphere in the gym is very nice.
M.H., 32 years old, Male
The atmosphere was very good.
M.A., 30 years old, Male
I am happy with the atmosphere and always enjoy going.
I.H., 37 years old, Female
Although I do not come to practice often, I always see how kindly the instructors train me. Thank you.
T.H., 27 years old, Male
The atmosphere is good and not intimidating.
T.M., 24 years old, Male
The atmosphere of the gym is bright, I was glad I signed up with the gym because I have been taught very well.
N.O., 33 years old, Male
I am looking forward to the event.
K.H., 40 years old, Male

Questionnaire for PHOENIX Members: Age


PHOENIX is widely used by people in their 20–50s.

Because this is a place you would visit often, there are many people who emphasized that the nice atmosphere was their reason for joining our gym.

PHOENIX received a great evaluation in that respect. With the trainers and staff, as well as the cooperation of members, there is a respectful and cozy atmosphere.

In the questionnaire, there were many customers that wanted more events, like parties, travel events to Thailand, and so on.

I have fun and
I can keep going to the gym!

Although I had no experience in sports, I felt that I could enjoy moving my body.
R.A., 28 years old, Male
The atmosphere is very good, even though I am a middle-aged man, I think I can continue going. I would like to keep going to PHOENIX for at least one year.
K.O., 44 years old, Male
I only knew about boxing, but I started to like kickboxing too.
Y.T., 30 years old, Male
I learned how to do my best.
M.M., 29 years old, Female
I can forget about work when I exercise.
K.M., 32 years old, Male
Starting with the instructors’ guidance, it’s easy to use the gym because of the location, schedule, and so on.
K.O., 26 years old, Male
I feel comfortable going.
Y.I., 35 years old, Male
The gym is clean and the careful training from instructors makes it very easy to practice.
M.S., 26 years old, Male
Up until now I was known as a trainer, but now I’m happy to be able to practice as a trainee.
T.H., 20 years old, Male (ex-gym fighter and trainer)
Everyone is kind and it’s fun
M.H., 26 years old, Male
I am happy that I can practice a sport that I have in common with my children. All of the members are nice. My body is getting toned.
K.M., 30 years old, Male
I signed up so I could lose weight. I enjoy kickboxing even when I practice for a little bit on my day off.
S.Y., 29 years old, Female
One good thing is that I could meet many people. The instructors teach in an easy to understand way that motivated me.
A.I., 28 years old, Female
I think I will continue because it’s fun training. Thank you very much.
I.Y., 33 years old, Male
My life has more variety.
H.I., 34 years old, Male
It’s really fun, I can relieve stress and I want to become strong!
M.A., 32 years old, Female
You can have fun exercising!
N.N., 32 years old, Female
I am beginning to enjoy kickboxing.
I.T., 32 years old, Female
I am enjoying it because I receive kind instruction and can relieve stress.
Y.N., 24 years old, Male
I was barhopping by myself every day. I found it was more fun to work out after sign up than barhopping. I always liked martial arts, so I am very happy I learned various techniques!
M.I., 31 years old, Female

Questionnaire for PHOENIX Members: How long have you been a member at PHOENIX?


It is quite difficult to keep going to the gym for a long time while still keeping your motivation. However, about half of PHOENIX members have continued to use our gyms for more than 3 years!

According to our members, they felt that even those who tried kickboxing for the first time at PHOENIX immediately became addicted to kickboxing, and were able to continue! It is a big attraction that you do not just move your body but can also relieve stress.

Satisfied with the classes
and their effects!

I am happy to exercise and work up a sweat.
R.O., 35 years old, Female
Because the instructors check our form carefully, it is very easy to train.
T.N., 37 years old, Male
When did I gain physical strength aside from boxing training strength!?
K.S., 42 years old, Male
I got the opportunity to move my body.
I.S., 29 years old, Male
I am very satisfied. Please train little by little.
Y.H., 37 years old, Male
I feel I got a little stronger.
M.N., 28 years old, Male
I realize that I really enjoy doing kickboxing, not just watching it.
H.M., 30 years old, Female
I really worked up a good sweat.
Y.K., 33 years old, Male
I lost a little bit of weight. I am happy that I could buy smaller-size clothes.
M.T., 29 years old, Male
It is good that you can receive training from so many professional fighters.
T.I., 36 years old, Male
It is wonderful that I can learn starting from the basics.
K.M., 22 years old, Male
My mind and body feel more connected.
F.T., 37 years old, Female
I think that it is very easy to understand and practical. I still do not have enough stamina and it is a bit difficult, but I want to continue.
M.I., 42 years old, Male
I am very thankful for receiving coaching that works for my level of physical fitness.
T.G., 42 years old, Male
It is amazing to be taught by a world champion.
Y.T., 31 years old, Male
I lost a little bit of weight.
T.W., 29 years old, Male

Questionnaire for PHOENIX Members: How difficult are the classes?

技術面 体力面

PHOENIX offers a variety of programs designed for everyone to enjoy them. You can choose the class that matches your physical fitness level and goals, and we have received positive reviews from many people.

At PHOENIX it is also possible to see real fighters practice their technique. Those who have a desire to become stronger are also inspired by professional fighters and try even harder for their own training.

Thank you very much for your cooperation with the PHOENIX membership questionnaire.